Our aim is “Service before Self” to spread awareness and encourage others to the path of philanthropy. We have been working towards our goals through donation drives, stage shows, conducting cultural events, organising blood camps, and social media outreach.


The vision “Message of hope enveloped in a smile”  is to spread awareness about social evils and injustice while simultaneously bring joy to others by helping them as much as we are capable. 


Khidmat, a word coming from Urdu
language which means the “spirit of
disseminating happiness” and joy among
in surroundings and our people.
Contributing to the Legacy of this word, we
are here with a CSR (Corporate Social
Responsibility) club, Khidmat. It is an
initiative of the students and one of the
former faculties of Department of Business
Studies, MRIIRS in year 2019. Hence, we
seek to the various euphoric
and philanthropic minds and bring a justice
to our tagline.

” Khushiyon Ka Paigaam”.


what is csr ?

Corporate Social Responsibility, refers to a cooperative initiative of people thriving to work for society through either cultural or social activities.

what is khidmat ?

Khidmat is an initiative collectively taken by students of Manav Rachna Educational Institutes which got a start in 2019 with a community of 10 and currently sharing a count of 25. .

how does khidmat serve ?

The group works in both online as well as offline modes, which makes it ubiquitous and easily accessible to a wider range of people irrespective of any condition.

what all social media platforms does the group works on?


Khidmat can we found on Instagram as well as Facebook. all the daily activities, interaction as well as the updates are available on social media handles.

how can we join it?

Simply by filling the google form mentioned here, you can connect with us.

how can we contact the khidmat representatives?


You just need to click here to navigate to the contact page and out there you can the bridge the gap.


Approximately one quarter of women within the developing world don’t attend school. can this be a true one ?


Phone: + 919599740403